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Founded by Elaine Walker, ZIA was an exclusively electronic band who began performing on the East Coast in 1992. ZIA banged out pro-space and sci-fi music on futuristic instruments. All of the synths were triggered live with drum sticks. Microtonal musical scales run rampant throughout the ZIA repertoire. In the pop genre this is a monumental task which adds a futuristic and otherworldly flavor to the songs. ZIA has 4 full length albums and two EPs. ZIA’s last album was Drum’n’Space in 2011. Listen | Press | Interviews | YouTube
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D.D.T. was a hardcore aggro-industrial electronic act that was together in Boston from the late 1980's until the mid 1990's. Noel McKenna did drum programming and vocals, Lisa Sirois did (8 bit!) samples and some vocals, and Elaine Walker (who joined in late 1991) did synth programming. Note that every D.D.T. song is micro/macrotonal except Blessed. This adds an eerie and futuristic edge to the music. Elaine joined D.D.T. at the same time she was forming ZIA. The first ZIA lineup consisted of Noel McKenna and Lisa Sirois of D.D.T. Where are they now? Noel is now a Buddhist Monk in upstate New York and Lisa is "DJ Goldilox" in San Francisco. Listen | Press | Interviews
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Number Sine

Number Sine was an electro-acoustic duo out of Scottsdale, AZ. Singer/songwriter, Jason Hardy sang and strummed his acoustic guitar. Elaine Walker was the other half of the duo as well as the producer. Their first single, Lights Out Landing, is an upbeat pop song highlighting Hardy’s range vocally, and Elaine’s talents with synthesized sound. “I had to listen to it twice to get it all soaked in”, says John Beckham of Crashcast.FM radio. It was an early hit with independent internet radio, and the popularity continued to grow. Their first (and only) EP came out in January of 2007 with a short live tour before it all came to an abrupt end. Listen | YouTube