The goal is to see the future, out of sheer curiosity.

In 1991 after graduating from electronic music school (Berklee) I was suddenly subjected to the internet. I got onto some newsgroups, picking through the giant list of possibilities. To my own surprise, I chose anything to do with space exploration, futurism, transhumanism, longevity, and cryonics. I had only thought about music before that. And why cryonics? At the time, I didn't even know there was such a thing as being preserved upon death. I was thinking of cryonics as being for deep space travel, in case a trip might take hundreds of years. The cryonics newsgroup, of course, was about Alcor and preservation. I knew right away I wanted to sign up. The idea of dying some day never sat well with me. I'm super insanely curious to see the future and what might become of us humans. I want all the best for us.

I finally became an
Alcor member in 2007 after getting to know the Alcor employees, seeing how fully obsessed they are with being the best cryonics company possible, and also realizing how affordable it actually is.

I try to help Alcor spread the word whenever an opportunity comes up. Below are some of the things I've gotten myself into. I also mention cryonics several times in my book,
Matter Over Mind: Cosmos, Chaos, and Curiosity (on Amazon).
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Last Generation To Die:
Dave Aspinall documentary
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Vanity Fair: We'll Freeze to live forever
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National Geographic: Cryopreservation
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CNBC: The Future of Us.
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Netflix – Alcor's youngest cryo patient (Elaine @16min)
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The Hayflick Limit Documentary (USA version)
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